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Marine Navigator Gets a Mountain Named After Him

You never know what you'll find digging through history. Recently I found out something interesting about a place that only a fraction of the human race has ever been to. Antarctica. Search for "Mt. Strybring" or find it in Google Earth. What's interesting about this mountain is that it's named after a Marine Corps Navigator. Master Sergeant Henry Strybring (retired), was a Marine Corps Navigator who served from 1941 to 1961 and once served with VMR-352 at MCAS Ewa, HI, and VMR-152 at MCAS El Toro. After serving as an instructor at the Navigation School at Cherry Point from 1953 to 1955, he was assigned to Naval Squadron VX-6 at Quonset Point for duties as a lead Navigator for Operations Deep Freeze I, II, III and survived an emergency crash landing in Antarctica on January 21st 1958 where he and his team built igloos and a cook shack from ice blocks until they were rescued. During one of his exploratory flights, a new mountain range was discovered and each crew member had a mountain named after him. Mt. Strybring is 10,500 feet tall about 3 miles Southeast of Mt. Craddock on the Southern part of the Ellsworth Central Range.He eventually returned in October 1958 to what would be his last Marine Corps transport squadron, VMR-352, and retired on February 28th, 1961.

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