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Alan Stinar

Alan Stinar is the creator of the Marine Battleherk project and a historian of Marine Corps air transportation. He served on Active Duty with the U.S. Marine Corps from 2003-2013.

He conducts every bit of what you see on this site and it's products including; research, digital database and archives curator, webmaster, digital artwork and media design.

(Picture taken atop of Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima,

January 25th 2007)

Mitchell "Taco" Bell

Mitchell "Taco" Bell - A family friend, mentor, and one hell of a Marine officer. Part of the credit for how this project began goes to Taco. He currently serves in the Marine Corps Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Bill "Ziggy" Pemberton

Bill "Zig" Pemberton is a Moderator, Vietnam War veteran, historical researcher. Zig was a mechanic with VMGR-152 and served from 1964 - 1970.

Chris Helton

Chris Helton - CEO of Silver Line LLC, a video production company located in Savannah, Georgia. Chris is a former Marine Corps Loadmaster and the co-director/producer for the film "Marine Battleherks: A Legacy"

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