Mon. 4/1 All day VMJ-252 is redesignated as VMR-252

On April 1st 1945, VMJ-252 was redesignated as VMR-252.

All day VMGR-352 Birthday

On April 1st 1943, Marine Utility Squadron (VMJ-352) was activated at MCAS Cherry Point, NC

Mon. 4/15 All day VMGR-352 moves to MCAS Miramar, CA

On April 15th 1999, VMGR-352 left there home in Hangar 297 at MCAS El Toro, CA to move south to their new home at MCAS Miramar, CA as part of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) commission mandates.

Fri. 4/19 All day VMJ-153 joins SCAT

VMJ-153 joins the South pacific Combat Air Transport command (SCAT) at New Caledonia

Wed. 5/1 All day First NVG landing

VMGR-252 was the first KC-130 unit to complete a night-vision-goggle landing in May 1990.

All day VMGR-152 deploys to Operation Enduring Freedom

In May 2009, VMGR-152 joined Operation Enduring Freedom with the new KC-130J. This was the first actual squadron deployment in the war on terror for VMGR-152.

Sat. 6/1 All day Elements of VMGR-352 sent to Vietnam

In June of 1965, elements from VMGR-352 were deployed to the Republic of Vietnam for combat operations under the command authority of VMGR-152.

All day VMGR-252 Birthday

On June 1st 1928, Headquarters Detachment 7M is activated in San Diego, California. (unit is now known as VMGR-252.

Sun. 6/2 All day VMGR-152 accepts 5 KC-130R Models

In June 1993, the VMGR-152 acquired five KC-130Rs, which provided the squadron with a significant increase in aircraft range and added to its effectiveness in refueling and transport operations.

Mon. 6/10 All day VMJ-352 is redesignated VMR-352

On June 10th 1944, VMJ-352 was redesignated as VMR-352

Mon. 7/1 All day VJ-7M is redesignated as VJ-2M

On July 1st 1937, VJ-7M is redesignated as VJ-2M. (today it is now VMGR-252)

All day VJ-2M is redesignated as VMJ-252

On July 1st 1941, VJ-2M was redesignated as VMJ-252 (now known as VMGR-252)

Thu. 8/1 All day VMGR-352 deploys to Operation Desert Shield From August 1990 to March 1991, a seven plane detachment from VMGR-352 is deployed to the middle east in support of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. During the seven month period, 352 Forward amassed over 2500 combat flight hours and 1144 so... more
All day VMGR-352 begins its transition to the KC-130J model

August 2004 VMGR-352 begins its transition to the KC-130J, as of 2007 VMGR-352 is now an all KC-130J squadron, retiring its legacy aircraft to the boneyard or sending them to VMGR-152.

All day VMGR-252 helps develop Harrior aerial refueling procedures

In August 1973, VMGR-252 was involved in the development of safe and standardized aerial refueling procedures to be used with the Harrier.

Sat. 8/24 All day VMJ-253 departs for the South Pacific

On August 24th 1942, VMJ-253 carried the first echelon of MAG-25 to the South Pacific during WW2.

All day Aircraft 149802 crashes On August 24, 1965, a KC-130F 149802 veered off runway on take-off from Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong, hit the seawall and crashed into the sea. This was the first Hercules hull loss in Marine Corps service. It was carrying Marine personnel returning to... more
Sun. 9/1 All day VMGR-352 supports Hurricane Katrina relief efforts In September 2005 in addition to its numerous combat deployments and internationalhumanitarian aid efforts, VMGR-352 answered its own country's call forassistance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's ravage of the Gulf Coastin September 2005. Flying da... more
Tue. 9/3 All day VMJ-253 lands on Guadalacanal

On September 3rd, the first plane of MAG-25 to land on Henderson

Field was from VMJ-253

Thu. 9/5 All day LtCol Marshall lands on Guadalacanal Piloted by LtCol. Wyman F. Marshall ,USMCR, an R4D loaded with 3,000 pounds of cigarettes and candy for Guadalcanal 's beleaguered Marines inaugurated what was to grow into air-transport service for the entire Pacific ocean. That plane also initiate... more
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