Mon. 10/1 All day VMGRT-253 Birthday

On October 1st 1986, VMGRT-253 was activated as the Marine KC-130 training squadron

All day VMR-252 moves to MCAS El Toro

In July 1946, VMR-252 was based at MCAS Miramar as part of Marine Aircraft Group 25. They remained there until October 14, 1946 when they were moved to MCAS El Toro

All day VMR-252 receives its first KC-130

During October 1961, the KC-130 Hercules became the squadron's aircraft. With the introduction of the KC-130, the squadron's primary mission was changed to aerial refueling.

Thu. 10/25 All day VMJ-152 joins MAG-25

VMJ-I52 joined MAG-25 on October 25th 1942, and during that month the 13th Army Troop Carrier Squadron was also attached to MAG-25 with the increase of subordinate units within the group the need of a service squadron became apparent.

Thu. 11/1 All day VMGR-252 Deploys to Operation Enduring freedom

In November 2001, VMGR-352 deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The “Raiders” provided fixed wing aerial refueling and logistical support to forces fighting the War on Terrorism.

Sat. 12/1 All day VMR-352 moves to MCAS El Toro, CA

In December 1949, VMR-352 moved to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) El Toro , California from MCAS Iwa, Hawaii.

All day VMGR-252 first unit to refuel a CH-3 helicopter

In December 1965, the KC-130 was used to refuel the CH-3 helicopter. This was the first time that a tanker drogue system was used to refuel a helicopter.

All day VMGR-252 achieves 300,000 mishap free flight hours

In December 1988, VMGR-252 achieved another milestone in when itsurpassed 300,000 accident free flight hours and won the distinction ofachieving the most accident-free flight hours of any squadron in theMarine Corps and Navy.

Sun. 12/2 All day VMGR-252 receives its first J-Model KC-130s

December 2002 marked a milestone in the history of VMGR-252 with the acceptance of three KC-130 J-model aircraft.

Tue. 1/1 All day VMA-234 is redesignated VMR-234

On january 1st 1962, VMA-234 was redesignated as VMR-234 and joined the community of Marine Transport Squadrons.

All day VMR-234 is redesignated as VMGR-234

On January 1st 1976, VMR-234 was redesignated as VMGR-234 with the acceptance of its first KC-130

All day VMGR-352 completes the first TransPacific refueling operation

In January of 1962, VMGR-352 conducted the first TransPacific (TRANSPAC) operation, moving 18 F8U Crusaders of VMF-451 from MCAS El Toro, CA to MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

Wed. 1/2 All day VMGR-352 deploys for Operation Safe Departure In early January 1999, the Raiders deployed a four-plane detachment to Mombassa, Kenya to extract American citizens and foreign nationals from Eritrea and Ethiopia, Africa in support of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit(13th MEU) AND Operation Safe ... more
All day VMGR-152 deploys to Operation United Shield

In January 1995, VMGR-152 joined Special Purpose MAGTF in support of Operation United Shield, the final withdrawal of all UNOSOM forces from Somalia.

Wed. 1/9 All day Aircraft 160021 crashes in Pakistan On January 9, 2002 "Raider 04" from VMGR-352, crashed into a mountainside in Pakistankilling all seven crewmembers. One of the Marines killed was Sergeant Jeannette L. Winters. She was the first female service member to die inthe war on terror. ... more
Fri. 2/1 All day VMR-252 is redesignated as VMGR-252

On February 1st 1962, VMR-252 was redesignated as VMGR-252 with the acceptance of its first KC-130F model

Sat. 2/2 All day VMR-352 moves from Cherry Point to Hawaii

In February 1945, VMR-352 moves from MCAS Cherry Point, NC to MCAS Iwa, Hawaii

All day VMGR-352 deploys for Operation Noble Response In February 1998, VMGR-352 was tasked to be a part of the United Nation's relief effort called Operation Noble Response in Kenya, Africa. Later, in June 1998, they executed a non-combatant evacuation operation, Operation Safe Departure in Eritre... more
All day VMGR-352 deploys for Operation Restore Hope In February 1992, VMGR-352 participated in a United Nations relief effort to Kenya supporting Operation Restore Hope in nearby Somalia. VMGR-352's original mission was to transport food and supplies to lawless Somalia. However the situation later tur... more
Sun. 2/3 All day VMGR-352 deploys for Operation Southern Watch During February 2000 , VMGR-352 launched a two-plane detachment to Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base in Kuwait to support Operation Southern Watch. While in-theater, they provided fixed-wing aerial refueling (FWAR) support to VMFA-121 in defense of the Souther... more
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