Fri. 2/1 All day VMR-252 is redesignated as VMGR-252

On February 1st 1962, VMR-252 was redesignated as VMGR-252 with the acceptance of its first KC-130F model

Sat. 2/2 All day VMR-352 moves from Cherry Point to Hawaii

In February 1945, VMR-352 moves from MCAS Cherry Point, NC to MCAS Iwa, Hawaii

All day VMGR-352 deploys for Operation Noble Response In February 1998, VMGR-352 was tasked to be a part of the United Nation's relief effort called Operation Noble Response in Kenya, Africa. Later, in June 1998, they executed a non-combatant evacuation operation, Operation Safe Departure in Eritre... more
All day VMGR-352 deploys for Operation Restore Hope In February 1992, VMGR-352 participated in a United Nations relief effort to Kenya supporting Operation Restore Hope in nearby Somalia. VMGR-352's original mission was to transport food and supplies to lawless Somalia. However the situation later tur... more
Sun. 2/3 All day VMGR-352 deploys for Operation Southern Watch During February 2000 , VMGR-352 launched a two-plane detachment to Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base in Kuwait to support Operation Southern Watch. While in-theater, they provided fixed-wing aerial refueling (FWAR) support to VMFA-121 in defense of the Souther... more
Sun. 2/10 All day Aircraft149813 On 10 February 1968 KC-130F 149813 was hit by groundfire during landing at Khe Sanh, Quang Tri province. The fuel bladders aboard were set alight and the airframe burned out on the runway, with a loss of six on board. Crewmembers lost: Cpl J... more
Fri. 3/1 All day Headquarters Detachment 7M redesignated

On March 1st 1929, Headquarters Detachment 7M is redesignated as VJ-7M.

(Now VMGR-252)

All day VMR-352 redesignated as VMGR-352

On March 1st 1961, VMR-352 was redesignated as VMGR-352 when it received its first Lockheed KC-130 Hercules, aircraft 147573. Aircraft 573 was the very first KC-130 to be accepted by the Marine Corps.

Mon. 3/11 All day VMGR-152 Birthday

On March 11th 1942, VMJ-253 was activated at Camp Kearney, San Diego, California. Redesignated VMR-253 on July 30th 1944, deactivated on May 31st 1947, reactivated on June 15th 1951, and redesignated at VMGR-152 on February 1st 1962.

Mon. 4/1 All day VMJ-252 is redesignated as VMR-252

On April 1st 1945, VMJ-252 was redesignated as VMR-252.

All day VMGR-352 Birthday

On April 1st 1943, Marine Utility Squadron (VMJ-352) was activated at MCAS Cherry Point, NC

Mon. 4/15 All day VMGR-352 moves to MCAS Miramar, CA

On April 15th 1999, VMGR-352 left there home in Hangar 297 at MCAS El Toro, CA to move south to their new home at MCAS Miramar, CA as part of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) commission mandates.

Fri. 4/19 All day VMJ-153 joins SCAT

VMJ-153 joins the South pacific Combat Air Transport command (SCAT) at New Caledonia

Wed. 5/1 All day First NVG landing

VMGR-252 was the first KC-130 unit to complete a night-vision-goggle landing in May 1990.

All day VMGR-152 deploys to Operation Enduring Freedom

In May 2009, VMGR-152 joined Operation Enduring Freedom with the new KC-130J. This was the first actual squadron deployment in the war on terror for VMGR-152.

Sat. 6/1 All day Elements of VMGR-352 sent to Vietnam

In June of 1965, elements from VMGR-352 were deployed to the Republic of Vietnam for combat operations under the command authority of VMGR-152.

All day VMGR-252 Birthday

On June 1st 1928, Headquarters Detachment 7M is activated in San Diego, California. (unit is now known as VMGR-252.

Sun. 6/2 All day VMGR-152 accepts 5 KC-130R Models

In June 1993, the VMGR-152 acquired five KC-130Rs, which provided the squadron with a significant increase in aircraft range and added to its effectiveness in refueling and transport operations.

Mon. 6/10 All day VMJ-352 is redesignated VMR-352

On June 10th 1944, VMJ-352 was redesignated as VMR-352

Mon. 7/1 All day VJ-7M is redesignated as VJ-2M

On July 1st 1937, VJ-7M is redesignated as VJ-2M. (today it is now VMGR-252)

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